Is it still possible to have a bathroom fitted during the Coronavirus pandemic? 

There is no reason why you can’t have a bathroom fitted during the Coronavirus pandemic provided we all follow some simple guidelines:-

  • We need to keep 2m apart at all times.  There is only one fitter working on the bathroom so having fewer people on the job site makes this rule much easier to adhere to and so much safer for you, the customer.
  • Maintaining hygiene standards.  Upon arrival at the job site each day we will wash hands. Hand washing will also occur at regular intervals throughout the day.  Where washing facilities are limited, we have plenty of antibacterial hand sanitizer.  It is also standard practice for gloves to be worn throughout the day.
  • We need to keep the area well ventilated.  Windows will be kept open during the day. Dust extractors are also used throughout the day to keep the room clear of dust and keep fresh air moving.
  • Contact areas – at the beginning and end of each day, handles and contact areas will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes
  • General contact – Best practice says that in addition to the 2m rule, we should keep as much distance between us as possible throughout the day.  If you are downstairs and the fitter is upstairs, then this is ideal for all everyone.  
  • Face masks – It is normal practice for the fitter to wear face masks throughout the day due to dust etc. 
  • We have our own coffee and making facilities so we are totally self-sufficient throughout the job.

These guidelines protect us all and exceed current Government recommendations