Wet Room Installations in Cheshire

Wet rooms account for nearly a third of our fitting and installation business in Cheshire. A fully guaranteed wet room installation service can be hard to find. Every wet room is unique so we take time to ensure that only the best materials and products are used. When a cheap or badly installed wet room fails, it can be very expensive to repair.  By ensuring that the correct products and procedures are used in the first place, problems needn’t arise.

There are many companies who offer wetroom shower trays. Some of the more popular ones include  Marmox, Wedi, Orbry, Lux Elements, Schluter and Impey. The trays we use vary in size and can often be cut down to size if needs be. Trays are tileable

People often assume that the term ‘wetroom’ means that the whole room gets wet. This needn’t be the case as we still fit glass screens to ensure that water is deflected back into the shower area. As an added luxury, many customers also opt for underfloor heating to ensure that the wet room dries out quickly.

Can I Have A Wet Room?

Wet rooms can be installed in most cases.  The only obstacle that tends to pop up is waste pipe positioning.  Sometimes, due to the position of the waste pipework, it is not possible to insert the we room tray former directly into the floor without causing drainage issues.  Options are to either carry work to the soil stack to lower the position of the waste pipework (which often involves additional work in other rooms) or to simply build a small platform.

Not only a wetroom add real wow factor to your property, but in most cases a wetroom offers far more efficient use of space.

Are Wet Rooms Expensive?

Wet rooms needn’t be too expensive.  Yes, they will always cost more than a conventional shower tray but they will also give the room a totally different look.  For your peace of mind, we only use quality products and materials from reputable manufacturers with a proven track record of reliability and after sales service.

Wetroom Horror Stories?

There are plenty of wetroom horror stories around, and we’ve seen a few terrible installations that have failed.  Wetrooms look great and can add a real WOW factor but the golden rule of wetroom installations is….. there are no shortcuts!  There are established manufacturers of wetroom products and the prices can often seem prohibitive, but chances are its a quality product with proven reliability.  If ever there was a case for not skimping on cheaper materials, its wetrooms.

Is Everything tanked?

The whole floor is tanked as well as the walls around the shower area.  Where walls and floor meet, taped joints are used.  The easiest way to think about a wetroom is to imagine turning the whole room into a bath tub.

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