The Bathroom Spa Experience

When planning your next bathroom there’s no reason why you can’t treat it like your own new spa.  

Spa days usually have to be planned, are time-consuming and are usually very expensive.  Why not try and create that experience in your own home?  Below are some tips to get that spa experience in your own bathroom.


Invest in some good quality towels, and plenty of them.  Good quality towels may seem expensive initially but they will last a long time if you look after them and prove their worth.


Avoid excessive lighting.  You are trying to create a calming atmosphere, so use soft mood lighting.   This can be achieved in a number of ways.  If you planned the bathroom out well initially, the lighting might not be on one circuit meaning that you can have one light on that might be on a dimmer switch, rather than all lights.  You might have an illuminated mirror that provides mood lighting or you might just want to light some candles.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

Your spa bathroom should be an oasis of calm so get rid of the clutter.  Think about storage space.  A wall mounted vanity unit with deep drawer storage provides easily accessible storage space. 

Also, consider a wall mounted cupboard perhaps with a mirrored door, or some wicker storage baskets.  Extra towels can be stored higher on the walls using towel racks.


Think About The Bath

Make sure that the bath you choose not only looks good but serves a purpose too.  Is it big enough?  Can you lie comfortably in it?  Is it deep enough? Does the bath need to be single or double ended?

The bath fittings are also an important consideration.  Think about how the bath will be filled.  Standard bath taps fitted mean that one end of the bath can’t be used without you banging your head on the taps, so consider a bath that fills through the overflow.  This ensures that the bath edges are kept clear.  Also, consider hose attachments.  Will you need a hose attachment in the bath?


No spa treatment is complete without natural elements so make use of any spare space you might have in the bathroom by placing a few pot plants.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours in the room will have a calming effect.  Use whites, browns, beiges or any other soft colours.  Also, think about textures too.  You don’t need to keep it to one type of tile for walls and floors.  The spa look will often involve a feature wall tile, remaining walls in a different tile and then a different texture on the floor.  You can even use wallpapers in your bathroom provided they’re installed and sealed correctly, but obviously not in wet areas around the bath or splashbacks etc.

Think About Brassware

For years chrome has been dominant in the bathroom but there are alternatives that will give you the spa like feeling.  Could gold, copper or brass taps look good in your bathroom, or how about matt black?