bathroom shower fitters
bathroom shower fitters cheshire

One of the most popular requestes we receive is simply to renew the shower or install a new shower, often in place of a bath.

Bathroom Shower fitter services Include

  • Replacing an existing shower valve. You might simply have a shower valve that no longer works effectively.  The most common faults with shower valves are that the diverter valve breaks or that the thermostatic valve stops working – the shower is either too hot or too cold and you’ll find that it is difficult to maintain temperature.
  • Replacing a shower cublicle.  You might have shower cubicle that is simply past its best and needs to be renewed
  • Replacing your current bath with a walk-in shower.  We often remove a bath altogether and replace it with a large walk-in shower tray.
  • Installation of anti-slip shower trays.  Todays shower trays are slippery at the best of times but when using conditioners and shower gels they get more slippery. An antislip shower tray has a rough a textured coating which aids traction.


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